“If you’re going to dream, dream big!”

Motto of the Pro-Stadium Commission


Brazil’s largest private stadium, the Cicero Pompeu de Toledo, popularly known as “Morumbi”, is home to the São Paulo FC and backdrop to several major sports and entertainment events.

In addition to staging several team victories and glories, the Morumbi stadium has also hosted important events of the city of São Paulo, such as Brazilian team matches, Pope John Paul II’s visit, and concerts of renowned artists such as Paul McCartney, U2, Queen, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, among several others.

Much more than a modern sports venue, the Morumbi stadium is also an important and profitable business unit for the São Paulo FC. Major Brazilian and foreign companies have corporate box seats in the stadium, which also houses the Morumbi Concept Hall since 2007, a shopping and leisure area located in the stadium’s ground ring.

São Paulo FC’s most ambitious dream was designed by renowned architect Vilanova Artigas. Construction began in 1952 and endured for 18 long years until it was completed.
The first inauguration, still partial, took place on October 2, 1960, with a match against Sporting (POR) won by Tricolor with Peixinho’s notorious goal, the first in Morumbi’s history. However, the stadium was only integrally delivered in 1970.

The Morumbi stadium is under a constant modernization process, now preparing for a new era in its history: it will shortly receive an audacious roof, in addition to other improvements that will provide greater comfort to fans.


Cícero Pompeu de Toledo

Was one of the greatest presidents in São Paulo FC’s history and a great supporter of the stadium’s construction. His death – still during the Giant Tricolor’s stadium construction – did not take any recognition away from him, since the stadium was named after the eternal president.


Partial Opening


October 2, 1960
São Paulo Futebol Clube 1
Sporting Club de Portugal 0

São Paulo FC:
Poy; Ademar, Gildésio and Riberto; Fernando Sátyro and Victor; Peixinho, Jonas (Paulo Lumumba, then Cláudio Garcia), Gino Orlando, Gonçalo and Canhoteiro (Roberto Frojuello).
Coach: Flávio Costa
Goal Scored: Peixinho, 12’

Sporting Club de Portugal:
Aníbal; Lino, Morato and Hilário; Mendes and Júlio; Hugo, Faustino, Figueiredo (Fernando), Diogo (Geo) and Seminário.
Coach: Alfredo Gonzalez

Public: 56,448 tickets sold

Definitive Inauguration


January 25, 1970
São Paulo Futebol Clube 1
Futebol Clube do Porto 1

São Paulo FC:
Picasso; Édson Cegonha (Cláudio Deodato), Jurandir, Roberto Dias and Tenente; Lourival and Gérson; Miruca, Zé Roberto (Téia), Toninho Guerreiro (Babá) and Paraná.
Coach: Zezé Moreira
Goal Scored: Miruca, 35’

Futebol Clube do Porto:
Vaz; Acácio, Valdemar, Vieira Nunes and Sucena; Pavão and Gomes; Chico (Celinho), Pinto (Ronaldo), Rolando and Nóbrega
Coach: Elek Schwartz
Goal Scored: Vieira Nunes, 32’

Public: 107,869 tickets sold