Held since 1960, the originally named Europe/South America Cup was the precursor of today’s Club World Cup. The tournament was supported by FIFA, using official referees, raising the official flag at the stadiums, and publishing countless ads and newsletters.

Tricolor’s adversary in 1992 was Barcelona, European champion and two-time Spanish champion (to become four-time champion), and its legion of top players, among which the most important was the Bulgarian Stoichkov. Led by Johan Cruyff, the 1974 Dutch “Total Football” maestro, Tricolor had already defeated Barcelona 4 to 1, back home, during the Tereza Herrera Tournament.

On December 13, when the Sun was at its highest in the skies of Tokyo, and the 12 o’clock bell rang in the dead of São Paulo’s night, the world was introduced to São Paulo Futebol Clube, its crest, mantle and colors: the dawn of a new era. In fact, it didn’t come right away: Stoichkov scores a goal at 12’. Big scare.

São Paulo FC persisted, creating major opportunities. At 27’, Müller dribbled past Ferrer twice, through the left, and passed to Raí, who just eased the ball into the net – with his stomach. 1 x 1!

São Paulo FC was both physically and technically superior in the second half. The Spanish team was already not much of a threat when Palhinha suffered a foul at 34’, to the right of the penalty box. The referee blew his whistle. Set piece: Raí rolled the ball back to Cafu, who stopped it and passed it back, out of the defending line, to São Paulo FC’s number 10 to perfectly kick it over the line.

In a perfect curve to the right, the ball suddenly lost height and found the goal’s nets. The goalkeeper never even moved. Raí ran towards Master Telê. Goal!!! The goal that granted the first world title.