First Brazilian club to conquer the Americas three times, São Paulo FC set a goal to Reconquer the World in 2005. FIFA had restructured the World cup: it now had champions from all continents.

After the qualification stages between small confederation representatives, São Paulo FC debuted in the tournament’s semi-final against Al-Ittihad, from Saudi Arabia; the Asian champion. In a tough but controlled match, Tricolor won by 3×2 (with two goals from Amoroso and one from Rogério Ceni). The final match was against Liverpool.

The English team, absolute favorite, came from a long shutout winning streak (in this case, 11 matches). It was not enough to bully the “Team of Warriors” – nicknamed by the team’s fans back then.

The “Reds” could never have anticipated Fabão’s cross, Aloísio’s pass (recently hired), and Mineiro’s goal! They also could never have expected such an outstanding performance from São Paulo FC’s captain, the goalkeeper, who completely shut down the goal.

And therefore, on December 18 2005, Yokohama, Japan, witnessed a world title being decided in the true “Faith Club” style who immortalized the legend Rogério Ceni (elected the best match and tournament player), and once again raised São Paulo FC’s flag at the top of the world!