President Laudo Natel Athlete Formation Center

Inaugurated by then President Marcelo Portugal Gouvêa on July 16, 2005 – a golden year for São Paulo FC this century – the President Laudo Natel Athletes Formation Center (CFA) is one more pioneer initiative by the Tricolor in its continuous search for excellence. Erected on an ample lot measuring more than 220 thousand square meters, the center is an international reference in the formation of high-performance athletes.

Located in Cotia, about 30 kilometers from the city of São Paulo, the CFA has an enviable sports, educational and administrative structure. The modern installations make use of the lot’s nature and geography, creating a highly functional environment of extreme comfort and tranquility for the youths dreaming of a career in the sport.


Since its inauguration, the CFA has undergone a continuous process of improvement. Besides the already famous backstage infrastructure, in 2011, the President Marcelo Figueiredo Portugal Gouvêa Stadium was inaugurated with capacity for up to 1500 people. This will allow the Tricolor to have a beautiful and comfortable home for every youth category of the club. An ample parking lot is located next to it to receive all the visitors, with a separate entrance from the areas of the complex.

In 2012, the doors also opened to the new quarters with hotel standards, planned to comfortably receive more than 140 guests. The hotel has already received São Paulo’s professional team several times during the pre-season or inter-season, and it was home to the principal Brazilian National Team in 2012 and Brazil’s Sub-17 National Team, which stayed there twice.

The CFA is currently one of the biggest South American sports exchange centers, receiving delegations from several sports and from every region of the planet, who can lodge at the site. In 2014, the CFA received the Sub-15 team from Shandong Luneng Taishan, China, São Paulo’s partner club in Asia. Besides that, the site was disputed as a seat for the FIFA World Cup by more than ten teams, with Colombia being the national team that won the right to stay there.



/ 220,000 m²
/ 1 official field with bleachers for 1500 people and 208 parking spaces
/ Seven more official fields
/ 8 locker rooms
/ 4 society soccer fields
/ Computerized drainage and irrigation
/ 1 multi-sport court
/ 1 sand field
/ Parking areas
/ 4 lodging quarters for 110 players
/ 4 locker rooms
/ Cafeteria for 120 people and an industrial kitchen
/ Administrative seat
/ Monitoring room
/ 2 pools, one semi-Olympic
/ Maintenance workshop
/ Leisure kiosks
/ Podiatrist
/ Doctor and dentist office
/ REFFIS – Sports Physical Therapy and Physiological Rehabilitation Center
/ Lodging for 148 guests (74 apartments)
/ 2 classrooms
/ 2 lakes



July 16, 2005

221,565.20 m²

Avenida Dr. Odair Pacheco Pedroso, 1700, Vila Montserrat, Cotia / SP, 06717-200