Frederico Antonio Germano Menzen Training Center

A great work by president Carlos Miguel Aidar during his first term as São Paulo FC’s president in the 1980s, the Barra Funda TC, as it is popularly known, is where São Paulo’s principal team conducts its pre-season activities and technical, tactical and physical training. That is also where São Paulo FC’s team concentrates for the games, and where some athletes from out of town live.


Despite its location in the city’s downtown area, the 44,472 m² terrain is wide and forested, offering cutting-edge infrastructure for athletes and other professionals. A mythical place among fans, access to the team’s workplace is severely restricted, and there are no visitation hours (except visits from the Sócio Torcedor [Partner-Fan] Program).

A total of 120 professionals work around the team on a daily basis. From the football department, which handles athlete documents, transfers and logistics, to the medical department, press office, video editing, security personnel, cooks, pantry workers, fields and gardens, maintenance, laundry and, of course, the technical committee and players. All practical and functional, ensuring the very best conditions to athletes.

A new building for press activities was inaugurated at the end of 2013. The space provides a view of the practice fields, and it also has a modern interview room and unparalleled structure for press professionals who circulate about the site daily.



/ 20 double rooms, all suites (16 for athletes; 4 for the coaching staff)
/ Lan room
/ Pool table
/ Video game
/ Kitchen (industrial)
/ Cafeteria for 50 people
/ TV room
/ Lecture room
/ Medical department
/ REFFIS – “Maria Zilda Gamba Natel” Sports Physical Therapy and Physiological Rehabilitation Center
/ 3 official fields, the main one with the same dimensions as the Morumbi field
/ 2 mini fields – one for specific practices with goalkeepers and another for “show ball”, used for high intensity training
/ 1 pool
/ 1 sand field
/ 1 multi-sport court
/ Bleachers for 704 people
/ 4 locker rooms
/ Podiatrist office
/ Barber
/ 1 press complex with interview room and integration area
/ Private parking and guest parking, totaling 164 spaces



June 22, 1985 (partial)
April 9, 1988 (final)

44,472 m²

Avenida Marquês de São Vicente, 2724, Barra Funda, São Paulo / SP, 05036-040