Friedenreich was Brazil’s top player in the 1920s. His name was made in Paulistano; but after the club eliminated football from its activities, in 1930, Fried, as he was known, started to wear the São Paulo FC colors, becoming a key player in the 1931 Paulista Championship victory, even at the age of 39. Fried played in the Brazilian Team which won the 1919 South American championship (Brazil’s first title), in which he was elected the top scorer and nicknamed “El Tigre”. The number of goals scored by the center forward is somewhat controversial. Records indicate he scored 1,329 times, but historians beg to differ. It is a well-known fact that Friedenreich played until the age of 43 for Tricolor; to this day the oldest player to ever score a goal for São Paulo FC.

Matches played for the club: 127
Debut: 03/16/1930
Last match: 03/24/1935
Goals scored for the club: 103
Date of birth: 07/18/1892, São Paulo, SP
Died on 06/09/1969


  • 1931 Paulista Championship