Master Ziza was almost a “Pelé” of the 1940s and 50s. He was a true master of his craft. He was the Brazilian Team’s MVP in the 1949 South American Championship and 1950 World Cup. He scored goals, crossed, dribbled, and always led the team with a smile on his face. He played for Tricolor for slightly over a year, but just enough to make history as the 1957 Paulista champion’s great captain. A team that entered the tournament as an underdog, but reinvented itself thanks to coach Bella Guttman on the sidelines and Master Ziza on the field.

Matches played for the club: 67
Debut: 11/10/1957
Last match: 11/09/1958
Goals scored for the club: 27
Date of birth: 09/14/1921, São Gonçalo (RJ)
Died on 8/2/2002


  • 1957 Paulista Championship