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Athlete who most wore the São Paulo FC jersey, Rogério summarizes the team’s spirit. Talented, competent, driven and unique, the Goalkeeper who Scored Most Goals in the History of Football became an expert at breaking records for over 20 years in the club. He reached 100 goals in his career (56 from fouls and 44 from penalty shots) in an unforgettable victory against Corinthians, at Arena Barueri on March 27, 2011.

As a child he played futsal in PatoBranco, Paraná; but he only got closer to the goal in Sinop (MatoGrosso), already in the field. A while later, he reached Tricolor’s junior categories on September 7, 1990. The athlete’s debut would only occur three years later, on June 25, 1993, in Spain.

“My debut was outstanding, abroad; Santiago de Compostela Cup, against Tenerife; it was a four-way tournament. We won 4 to 1 and headed on to the finals,” says the athlete with most matches wearing the captain band in São Paulo FC’s history.

“My shield is a five-point heart – red, black, and white. And I deeply love this club,” once said the São Paulo FC idol. The love is mutual, as evidenced by countless tributes and honors from Tricolor’s fan base.”

As the only player to reach the mark of 1,000 matches for the club, he has a hard time picking out the best moment of his career. “They are all good, I am constantly trying to reinvent myself. I am happy with my career and each moment experienced.”

Every team has goalkeepers.
Only we have Rogério Ceni.



+1000 matches for
São Paulo FC

Athlete with more matches played
still in activity in the whole world

  • Goalkeeper who scored most goals
    in the history of football
  • Goalkeeper who scored most goals from fouls in the history of football
  • Goalkeeper who scored most goals
    from penalty kicks in the history of football
  • Top Copa Libertadores scorer in the history of São Paulo FC / 14 goals
  • São Paulo FC’s top scorer in the 2005 season / 21 goals
  • São Paulo FC’s top scorer in the 2006 season / 16 goals
  • São Paulo FC’s top scorer in the 2006 Brazilian Championship / 8 goals
  • São Paulo FC’s top scorer in the 2007 Brazilian Championship / 8 goals
  • Football player that most played at the Morumbi Stadium
  • Football player that most played Brazilian Championship matches
  • 82 Copa Libertadores matches -
    Brazilian player with most matches
  • Athlete with most consecutive minutes playing for São Paulo FC: 8786 minutes
    (January 23, 2010 to May 22, 2011; 97 matches + 45 min. of the first half and 11 min. of the second half);
  • Athlete with most consecutive matches for São Paulo FC: 132, from 01/23/2010 to 10/26/2011
  • Athlete with greatest São Paulo FC career length: since September 7, 1990
  • Athlete who most participated in the Brazilian Championship defending a single team
  • Goalkeeper who received most
    Silver Balls for best Brazilian
    Championship goalkeeper: 6
  • Player who received most Brazilian Championship Silver Balls overall: 6
  • Player who won most official competitions
    for São Paulo FC, regardless of position:
    17 titles
  • Goalkeeper with the greatest shutout period in the history of São PauloFC in the Brazilian Championship: 990 minutes



For São Paulo FC
1993 / Copa Libertadores
1993 / Recopa Sudamericana
1993 / Supercopa Sudamericana
1993 / Club World Cup
1994 / Conmebol Cup
1994 / Recopa Sudamericana
1996 / Conmebol Masters Cup
1998 / Paulista Championship
2000 / Paulista Championship
2001 / Rio-São Paulo Tournament
2005 / Paulista Championship
2005 / Copa Libertadores
2005 / FIFA Club World Cup
2006 / Brazilian Championship
2007 / Brazilian Championship
2008 / Brazilian Championship
2012 / Copa Sudamericana

For the Brazil National Team
1997 / Confederations Cup Saudi Arabia
2002 / World Cup Japan / South Korea



  • A fan of rock music, the Captain’s taste dictates the team’s Morumbi entrance soundtrack. Since 2010, Ceni’s favorite, AC/DC’s Hells Bells, sets the tone as the team emerges from the tunnel into the field.
  • Idol beyond football: Michael Jordan