Lucas is the club’s main revelation of recent years and was a great asset in the 2012 Copa Sudamericana victory. His first public appearance was during the 2010 São Paulo Junior Cup – still known as Marcelinho, which was his nickname at the club’s junior categories -, where he won the competition wearing the number 10 jersey and stood out among others. At the age of 18, he was the second youngest player in the history of São Paulo FC to be drafted to the Brazilian Team. Since 2010, he was already indicated, even by FIFA, as one of the main promises of global football. After saying his goodbye to Tricolor in an emotional event, and with a significant achievement, Lucas went on to play for Paris Saint-Germain, in France, under the greatest player transaction in Brazilian football to this day.

Matches played for the club: 128
Debut: 08/08/10
Last match: 12/12/12
Goals scored for the club: 33 goals
Date of birth: 08/13/1992, in São Paulo (SP)


  • 2012 Copa Sudamericana