The Tricolor five-star heart was born a few days after the initial mark of January 25, 1930. The crest was designed for an internal contest by German designer Water Ostrich (popularly known as Oliver), in collaboration with one of the club’s founders, Firmiano de Morais Pinto Filho.

Its format is unique and, at the time, unprecedented. There are no records of similar emblems before 1930. Since then, several clubs – some even older than São Paulo FC -, started to adopt similar figures.

Officially, the São Paulo FC heart is defined by the club’s 2008 bylaws: “The emblem is comprised of an equilateral triangle with the wider upper side attached to a rectangle, with height equivalent to half of the triangle’s side, with black background and the “courier” type letters SPFC writtenin white. Within the aforementioned triangle, a central white stripe with ¼ of the smaller side, surrounded by red and black scalene triangles, in this order.”

The acronym was dotted until the 1980s: S.P.F.C. Since 1982, however, the Tricolor logo depicts only “SPFC”, with no dots. This and other small changes occurred in official publications and jerseys over time, without reflecting official changes in the club’s bylaws.