São Paulo FC’s official anthem was written in 1936 by the then lieutenant José Porphyrio da Paz, when he and the club he had helped rebuild faced difficulties. Porphyrio and his family were being evicted from their home, since the lieutenant invested most of his wealth in São Paulo FC.

“Almost everything I earned went straight to the club. When I learned about the eviction, I was desolated. I walked around the room, not knowing what to do. But my love for São Paulo was greater and, instead of giving up, I started to hum: “Salve o Tricolor Paulista”, which was when I wrote the club’s anthem. My family and I left the house singing the anthem.”

The original composition by Porphyrio was only made official by the club on April 22, 1942, after some political alterations, until it was approved as is nowadays be the Deliberative Council on April 29, 1966. At the time, the composer donated his copyrights to São Paulo FC, which are registered under the Copyright Section of the Music School of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

Hail to the São Paulo
Beloved Brazilian club
You are strong, you are mighty
Among the major you are the first

Oh Tricolor
Beloved club
Your glories
Come from the past

They are your Brazilian guides
Who love you with tenderness
You bear the name of São Paulo
Which you so proudly hold

São Paulo, beloved club
You have our love
Your name and your glories
Have honor and splendor

Your glorious colors
Incite a feverish love
For the land of
Bandeirante pioneers:
Honor and Glory of Brazil